Petersburg collection
'Tastes of St. Petersburg' is a limited collection of chocolates made by Chocolatheca for the Day of the City. Each chocolate of the set contains associations, images, and meanings that define Saint Petersburg. Capsule drops for the birthday of the city will become a permanent (and the favourite!) tradition of Chocolatheca.

A line of Brodsky's poem, the legendary pyshka doughnuts from Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street, summer in Komarovo, a concert in the Leningrad Rock Club – Chocolatheca managed to convey all of this through the language of confectionary techniques and ingredients, capturing the very spirit of the city inside the thinnest chocolate shell. The chocolates from the St. Petersburg collection are not just to be tasted – we have also written poetic essays explaining the mythology behind these precious confections.

Out of the magnificent history of St. Petersburg and its unique magic, Chocolatheca's confectioners have composed something completely new, yet unmistakably recognisable: 'Tastes of St. Petersburg' that you can feel and savour, whether you give this gift to yourself or to others.
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