'Tastes of St. Petersburg'

'Fossilized Vodka'

Liquid filling with vodka and sugar syrop in a dark chocolate shell.
'We lived in the colors of fossilized vodka' Joseph Brodsky managed to pick out the most precise colour in existence to describe Saint Petersburg. 'St. Isaac's Cathedral is clothed in
robes of cast silver', 'icy ripples on a canal', 'the moonless gleam': it seems that many poets, such as Akhmatova, Blok, and Pushkin, also recognised this palette – the silvery hue of a frosty bitter shot of vodka that will spark and frighten the swampy illusions away; the play of colours of a shiny sugarloaf that will wink in a Gogolesque manner before disappearing into the smooth and glossy surface of the syrup.

'Northern Summer'

Beetroot chocolate ganache with gooseberry jelly in a dark chocolate shell.
Of course, our Northern summer isn't a caricature of Southern winters, despite what Pushkin claimed in 'Eugene Onegin'. This is especially true if you spend it in a summer house in Repino or Komarovo, among the pines and ashen sands along the coast of the Gulf of Finland. If you spend it where Ilya Repin went from his beloved Penates to the plein-air in order to pick gooseberries that pop on your tongue with energising sourness; if you ride a bike along the paths that still recall Shaliapin and rush to lunch, to borscht, already served cold, which refreshes you after a speedy ride, just as the Baltic wind does…

'Tea with Cognac'

Dark chocolate ganache with black tea and cognac in a dark chocolate shell.
St. Petersburg is known as the cradle of revolutions, and the Leningrad Rock Club is responsible for one of them. The music that started to be played in the 1980s at Pushkinskaya 10 has changed the minds and souls of the whole country. The lyrics of Russian rock music were bitter like the tea that musicians brewed again and again while rehearsing until it became dark like chifir. The rhythms were burning like the alcohol that accompanied the long talks in the kitchen when you stay in someone's flat while touring. 'Cigarettes in our hands, tea on the table, that's how a circle draws close. We are waiting for change!' Tsoy is, of course, alive.

'Pineapples in Champagne'

White chocolate ganache with champagne and pineapple jelly in a dark chocolate shell.
The most famous example of food pairing of the Silver Age of Russian Poetry was created by Igor Severyanin: 'Pineapples in champagne! Pineapples in champagne! Spectacularly sparkling—tasty and zesty!' In a glass of sky-golden champagne, the bubbles went up like pearls of Blok's Stranger, while the Futurists tasted the words they invented like a slice of imported pineapple. This period in Saint Petersburg's art left its aftertaste in the city – not only in poetry but also in architecture: Tolstoy House, Hotel Astoria, and Singer House.

'Leningrad Pyshka'

Dehydrated pyshka doughnut added to a blend of chocolate and nuts in milk chocolate shell.
If a time machine had a restaurant wagon, they must serve pyshka doughnuts covered in sugar powder and coffee boiled in a barrel. 'And what is supposed to be this station? Platform people tell our man: Leningrad's this town's name.' The end of the line is eternal childhood where the absent-minded lad from Basseynaya Street is late to the train station so he jumps into the tram of the colour of Grandma's raspberry jam. The sky is blue like a can of Soviet condensed milk and the clouds are lacy like the cloth that your parents put under their crystalware.

Weight: 195 g
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